Why Porsche Not Adds Android Auto To Its Cars?will it come standard?  Knowing Porsche, probably not.
Most automakers offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility across their lineups. Toyota finally added Android Auto earlier this year and with BMW recently announcing compatibility for specific phone models, almost all major automakers are now onboard. Except for Porsche. Some higher-end models like the new Porsche 911 and Taycan do include Apple CarPlay compatibility for no charge while lower-end models like the 718 Cayman require customers to pay $360 for the feature. But no Android.
In Porsche's defense, it is one of only a handful of automakers to offer wireless CarPlay compatibility and the only one to offer Apple Music compatibility, though this is little solace for anyone who doesn't have an iPhone. But if you happen to own a Porsche as well as an Android device, we've got some cheerful news to share.

UPDATE: A Porsche spokesperson told CarBuzz the automaker "has made no official statement or decision on this topic." The spokesperson also noted that "Market research shows that the majority of Porsche customers own an iPhone, and therefore priority was given to integrating Apple CarPlay into the PCM (Porsche Communication Management) first. However, the Porsche Connect App is also available for Android smartphones in the Google Play Store, which allows a connection with the PCM for use of various online services such as music streaming and destination inputs. Currently, Porsche is working in cooperation with Google to test a possible future adoption of Android Auto. However, no decision has been made yet."
Speaking with a product specialist at a local Porsche dealership, CarBuzz learned that Android Auto "will be coming" to the Porsche lineup in the near future. The employee wished to remain unnamed but we were told the Porsche sales team has already been given a briefing from the factory on Android Auto, so it can explain the feature to customers. This is great news if you've been waiting to have this feature in your Porsche but there are still several details we do not know.

For starters, it is unclear if current Porsche models will be retrofitted to add Android Auto or if it will only be available after certain production date. It is also unknown if Porsche will charge customers for this feature or if it will be standard on certain models.

We weren't given a time table on an official announcement from Porsche but the specialist seemed pretty confident it would be "pretty soon." Some automakers have held off on offering Android Auto do to concerns over how much data Google collects from drivers but based on our experience, not offering either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can be a dealbreaker for some customers when they shop for a new car. We think adding Android Auto is a wise decision for Porsche.

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