How to activate BMW EVO CarPlay via OBD2?

This is a software solution via USB or OBD2 to Activate Apple CarPlay Activation (Lifetime) + Carplay Full-Screen Activation + Android Screen Mirroring + Video in motion. 
Applies to all BMW/MINI cars with NBT EVO iDrive 5 and iDrive 6 and software firmware versions to 2020.

Before Your Order
Note: that Full Screen will ONLY be active on cars with version:
NBTevo_N or NBTevo_O (USB Activation)
NBTevo_P or NBTevo_Q or NBTevo_R (ENET Activation)

How to Check the NBTevo version?
Go to "Navigation" ->
Choose "Map" ->
Press "Options" button ->
Select "Navigation settings" ->
Scroll down to "Position and version" ->
Select "Version information"

How to Activate via USB drive?
1. Copy provided UPD BIN file onto an available blank USB flash memory stick with a FAT32 file system. The recommended flash drive capacity is 2 or 4 or 8 GB.
2. Turn ignition on or start the engine of your car and plug the USB flash drive into the USB port in the glove box/center console.
3. Wait at least 30 seconds and then unplug the USB flash drive.
4. Reboot iDrive system by letting the car go to sleep (turn off the ignition) for at least 10minutes or use tool32 from EDIABAS with nbt.prg, job STEUERGERAETE_RESET.
5. Once the NBT has restarted, it will restart itself after 60-90 seconds. Your FSC pack is now installed. You will have to enter the included Map Code to re-enable Navigation.

For Some Cases Prerequisites for Newer Software
1st you should have a BMW Enet Cable
2nd Windows Firewall and Antivirus turned OFF
3rd Fast and stable internet connection
4th Engine ON

Activation Operation Procedures
1. Download the app that we'll send you for activation (simple one-click App)
2. Start the car, then connect the cable to your car and computer
3. Launch the app. You will receive code from us to enter it in the app - it's for activation features that you've bought.
4. Enter the code
5. Click Start
6. Wait about 5-6 minutes till everything is finished.

Everything is very easy and detailed instructions will be provided.
No additional software required.
Assistance via Teamviewer is possible if needed.
Leave your VIN and NBTEvo version in the notes below before checkout.

Supports all BMW and MINI's after 06/2016 and iDrive 5 & iDrive 6 ->

Note that for Korean, China, Asia, Japan you will need ENET cable -> installation is the same as newer software.

It works on Korea, China, Asia, Japan units!!
If you are unsure, contact us with your vehicle VIN and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Soo Lee

Soo Lee

Would ID7 apple carplay activation work by this method with the enet cable and the apps you gonna provide?

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